Guideline to Attempt CA Exams


ICAI Announcement: When students attempt extra questions in CA Examinations

It is seen that in CA examinations, sometimes, candidates answer more questions or sub parts of a question, than are required in terms of the instructions given in the question paper.

In this connection, it is hereby informed that candidates are required to answer the requisite number of questions as per instructions printed on each question paper. In case any candidate answers extra questions/sub questions over and above the required number, then the requisite number of questions first answered in the answer book shall be valued and subsequent questions answered extra will be ignored.

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IASB – (International Accounting Standards Board) March 2016 update


IASB in its meeting held on 15 and 16 March 2016 discussed, inter alia, the following:


  • Amendments to IFRS 4: Applying IFRS 9 Financial instruments with IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts – IASB decided on certain proposed amendments to IFRS 4. The other technical issues will be discussed in subsequent meetings. IASB aims to issue the amendments to IFRS 4 in September 2016.
  • IFRS 3 Business Combinations, ‘Definition of a business’ – IASB expects to issue the exposure draft on proposed amendment to IFRS 3 in the second quarter of 2016. The proposed amendment would clarify how to apply the definition of a business.
  • Goodwill and Impairment – IASB discussed few areas of Goodwill and impairment project. No decisions were made in this meeting.


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Lok Sabha approved Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2016 – 15 March 2016


Lok Sabha has approved the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2016 (‘Bill’) as passed by Rajya Sabha.

Moving the Bill pending in Lok Sabha after it got passed in Rajya Sabha, Minister of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation clarified the position on the issues such as how the Bill will be applicable to existing projects; the rules on setting aside 70% of customer advances in an escrow account; compulsory approvals prior to project launches, and payment of similar interest rate to customers as charged from them for delays will impact launches and increase compliance costs.

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Chartered Accountants have been majorly in to practice or industry. Few have excelled in the public life. Do you know these persons  who have created a milestone in their endeavour were a CA like you.

Let’s glance through these 11 Stalwarts in their own fields:

1. K. M. Birla, K.M. BirlaChairman of Aditya Birla Group

2. Prannoy Roy,Prannoy RoyThe Founder and chairman of NDTV

3. Rahman Khan,K. Rahman KhanFormer Deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha

4. TV Mohan Das Pai,TV Mohan Das PaiThe Former CFO, Infosys

5. Naina Lal Kidwai,Naina lal kidwaiPast president, FICCI

6. Suresh Prabhu,Suresh PrabhuUnion minister Railways, Government of India

7. Piyush Goel,Piyush GoelUnion minister Energy , Government of India

8. Deepak Parekh,Deepak ParekhChairman, HDFC

9. Shekhar Kapur,Shekhar kapurMovie legend

10. Sanjay Subrahamanyam,Sanjay SubrahamanyamRenowned Musician

11. Harish Salve,Harish SalveIndia’s leading lawyer


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Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2016 has been introduced in Lok Sabha – 16 March 2016

Lok Sabha


The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2016 (‘the Bill’) has been introduced in Lok Sabha on 16 March 2016.

The bill proposes further amendments in the existing Companies Act, 2013 (‘the 2013 Act’) for ease of doing business.

MCA had issued the report of Companies Law Committee on 01 February 2016 proposing several changes to the 2013 Act to address various implementation issues which have been considered in the Bill.


A copy of the Bill and the corrigenda have been attached.

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study plannerICAI approved Study material resources are almost 12000 plus pages in CA Finals. A student is required to read all these contents along with the mandatory practical training of three years. In such a situation, a student is deprived of the structured learning opportunity and the time management skills.

One of the major reasons for the high failure rate in the CA final examination is that the student fail to plan their studies and specially their revision schedule. Ultimately without experiencing the simulated mock test, it has been noticed that the success rate has hardly crossed 15%.

Further it has been found that the habit of giving the emphasis of learning all the four subjects together is missing. It has been noticed that the subject learning planning is very poor among the students and therefore they procrastinate till last. In such a scenario there is a need of Software Driven Planner which divides the learning tasks according to the time availability.

Chandiok’s Addapptive learning solution (CALS) has taken an innovative step and brought in India for the first time in the field of CA, a practical solution to this situation. The software tries to find the requirement of study per week based on the number of hours. Accordingly it brings out the plan and states when the course videos will be learnt for all the four subjects put together. There is a facility which allows you to change the number of hours per week which accordingly changes the learning plan.

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Hence CALS has provided a unique way to make the structured learning a possibility in such a huge course of CA.



ABC system is very useful in the preparation of CA Final examination when ICAI material in both the group runs for 12000+ pages. Please follow the following steps and create a blueprint of the success.


Take a blank A4 register , a pen, a pencil and the photocopy of the index page of ICAI in all the 4/8 subjects from the study material and Practice Manual.


Create an excel for each subject and categorize it in to:

  1.  I am confident and I can answer any question.
  2. I have few concepts not clear and therefore I am not clear with the entire chapter
  3. I am not clear with this Chapter


Now, my goals are as under:

  • There should be only (1.) and (2.) which means either you make (3.) to (2.) or decide to drop (3.) such chapter from the learning list.
  • If you drop such chapter which should not be more than 1 chapter per subject, it means you are not preparing for 116 marks (as 1 question is choice) but you are working for 100 marks.


WEEKLY REVIEW ON Step A and Step B Topics:

  • Your time plan must have more time even 70% of decided time for the Step A topic.
  • Step B topic must have 30 % to 40 % time allocation.
  • Keep on reviewing the progress on every Sunday.


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Videos had been recorded in Sept’14 for Nov’14 examination but should be suitably adapted for any May or Nov examination accordingly.