ABC system is very useful in the preparation of CA Final examination when ICAI material in both the group runs for 12000+ pages. Please follow the following steps and create a blueprint of the success.


Take a blank A4 register , a pen, a pencil and the photocopy of the index page of ICAI in all the 4/8 subjects from the study material and Practice Manual.


Create an excel for each subject and categorize it in to:

  1.  I am confident and I can answer any question.
  2. I have few concepts not clear and therefore I am not clear with the entire chapter
  3. I am not clear with this Chapter


Now, my goals are as under:

  • There should be only (1.) and (2.) which means either you make (3.) to (2.) or decide to drop (3.) such chapter from the learning list.
  • If you drop such chapter which should not be more than 1 chapter per subject, it means you are not preparing for 116 marks (as 1 question is choice) but you are working for 100 marks.


WEEKLY REVIEW ON Step A and Step B Topics:

  • Your time plan must have more time even 70% of decided time for the Step A topic.
  • Step B topic must have 30 % to 40 % time allocation.
  • Keep on reviewing the progress on every Sunday.


For More Information watch these videos:



Videos had been recorded in Sept’14 for Nov’14 examination but should be suitably adapted for any May or Nov examination accordingly.




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