study plannerICAI approved Study material resources are almost 12000 plus pages in CA Finals. A student is required to read all these contents along with the mandatory practical training of three years. In such a situation, a student is deprived of the structured learning opportunity and the time management skills.

One of the major reasons for the high failure rate in the CA final examination is that the student fail to plan their studies and specially their revision schedule. Ultimately without experiencing the simulated mock test, it has been noticed that the success rate has hardly crossed 15%.

Further it has been found that the habit of giving the emphasis of learning all the four subjects together is missing. It has been noticed that the subject learning planning is very poor among the students and therefore they procrastinate till last. In such a scenario there is a need of Software Driven Planner which divides the learning tasks according to the time availability.

Chandiok’s Addapptive learning solution (CALS) has taken an innovative step and brought in India for the first time in the field of CA, a practical solution to this situation. The software tries to find the requirement of study per week based on the number of hours. Accordingly it brings out the plan and states when the course videos will be learnt for all the four subjects put together. There is a facility which allows you to change the number of hours per week which accordingly changes the learning plan.

For know more features:



Hence CALS has provided a unique way to make the structured learning a possibility in such a huge course of CA.


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