Chartered Accountants have been majorly in to practice or industry. Few have excelled in the public life. Do you know these persons  who have created a milestone in their endeavour were a CA like you.

Let’s glance through these 11 Stalwarts in their own fields:

1. K. M. Birla, K.M. BirlaChairman of Aditya Birla Group

2. Prannoy Roy,Prannoy RoyThe Founder and chairman of NDTV

3. Rahman Khan,K. Rahman KhanFormer Deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha

4. TV Mohan Das Pai,TV Mohan Das PaiThe Former CFO, Infosys

5. Naina Lal Kidwai,Naina lal kidwaiPast president, FICCI

6. Suresh Prabhu,Suresh PrabhuUnion minister Railways, Government of India

7. Piyush Goel,Piyush GoelUnion minister Energy , Government of India

8. Deepak Parekh,Deepak ParekhChairman, HDFC

9. Shekhar Kapur,Shekhar kapurMovie legend

10. Sanjay Subrahamanyam,Sanjay SubrahamanyamRenowned Musician

11. Harish Salve,Harish SalveIndia’s leading lawyer


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