ca articalship

Three years training with a CA firm is a big decision in the life of a student who wants to get the first hand exposure of the CA profession. A student is quite puzzled in deciding the choice of the firm. He needs guidance and wise counsel because it involves a substantial period of training in his formative period of his career. The decision points in the selection of the audit firm needs certain introspection on the following lines :

  1. Variety of experiences like audits ( statutory, internal, management, secretarial)
  2. Knowledge of the regulatory compliances like income tax, company law, service tax etc.
  3. Size of the firm, middle or large determines the existence of the various departments for exposure in to multiple level of the experiences.
  4. Local travels, outstation audits visits to different cities, states and even overseas is also needs to be found, checked and analyzed.
  5. Leave for the study during the article ship period needs to be analyzed.
  6. Absorption possibility in the future after qualification is also an important basis for the choice.
  7. Location of the firm in a metro, mid- size city is required to be checked because sometimes living experience in such cities allow a person to face the world with more confidence.
  8. Working in a large firm gives you a brand image and less interaction with the partner but more interaction with  audit manager. Effective training  allows a student to enhance working skills.
  9. Exposure in a smaller firm allows you to directly work with partner in the areas of accounts, audit, taxation and compliance issues.


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