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CA Final Exam has an average success rate of almost 10%. Some pass and maximum fail in the exam. Let’s find out, how one became successful at one go. The experiences of such students are summed up :

  1. Prepare a strategy to revise thrice before the examination hall. Structured learning is the key.
  2. Keep your ambition at very high level. Passion to succeed must be at the top.
  3. Consistent study plan with regular writing skills in the theory & practical questions asked in the past  ICAI  examination is needed. A proper understanding of the amendment in the various subjects is desirable. Latest case studies must be known.
  4. Every subject is important. Don’t keep the theory subject learning to the last. Summarize the salient points in the shape of mind map/ decision tree. Create summary in 30 to 60 pages for each subject as a last day learning resource.
  5. Keep on reading, understanding the different past questions with respect to the requirement, presentation and time period in which it can be done. Do try to attempt sample papers in timeline and verify answer and even find the gap which needs to be worked out.
  6. Exam preparation means 8 to 10 hours of regular studies for 2 months in case a student is writing one group. In case of both groups plan 10 hours consistent study for 3 months.
  7. Examination mindset must be cool, positive and with full of optimism. Theory questions must be answered to the point, brief and concise. Case laws must explain the question of law involved along with question of fact and relevant decision. Practical subjects must have clear presentation of the working notes along with the required assumptions and suitable recommendation.

With CALS Study Module, You can easily manage your learning pattern and test your preparation so that you don’t have to be afraid of facing examination any more. Our module test your knowledge in every step of learning either through objective questions, practice questions or assessment papers.

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