Time Management and CALS Study Planner

It is very crucial for CA students to manage their time properly. The need for time management becomes still more important in the situation that students have to do articleship and finish their course simultaneously. There has to be a balance between the training and study. A dedicated study plan and true commitment towards sticking to it will help students complete the course on time. CALS has an automated Study Planner which does effective planning for your study.

study planner

You will have to give the number of hours you can dedicate to your study in a day and this Study Planner will automatically generate the completion date and indicate which videos you should watch each day. Planner is totally based on videos and not on faculty notes, practice questions and other contents. Thus the planner will solve all the problems and difficulties of students with respect to time management and planning. This will eventually help to complete the course on time thus enabling students to plan for further revision too.

With the help of planner, you can directly launch a particular video. There is no need to navigate to a particular chapter or topic. There are two indicator colours green and violet too. Green colour lining indicates that you have already played that particular video. Violet indicates that you have watched the whole video without skipping or fast forwarding it. This will help you to know which videos you have watched and which you have not.

The planner shows all the details like duration, subject, start date, chapter, topic, status (upcoming, % of completion, completed etc.), and edit option. This lets you know all the required details at a glance. Thus we can rightly conclude that CALS Study Planner provides a complete solution to time management and effective planning for CA students preparing for their final examinations.

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