Goal setting is treated as a pessimistic activity because same is seen from the viewpoint   that it won’t work. In today’s uncertain environment, no one wants to set the goal. Hence we find people avoiding setting up the goal.

Also there is fear of failure attitude among people. They think that they will get failed even before he gets started in the race. We have seen there is a lack of ambition among the students to get focused on the goal. It has been also noticed that there is an approach of procrastination among the students. They think that they will do the work tomorrow and this way they linger the completion of the task till tomorrow which unfortunately never comes. Always remember, setting the goal task makes the energy drive moving.

Hence we must not procrastinate. Rather we must create the grounds of success by pushing all the tasks to a given deadline. It is the only pathway. We have to always set goals which can be short term, medium term and long term. Goal setting is a mandatory requirement to become a successful professional.

Short term goal can be  an annual activity like preparing for CA Final  exam or attending  the third year training in a CA  firm. Medium term goal can be a horizon of 3 years which include doing three years tenure of the practical training with a good CA firm. A long term goal will be to become a CA and serve the industry or CA profession with a specialization over a span more than five years. Hence our efforts must be goal oriented both in studies and professional working.

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