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Valuing  time in CA Finals along with the practical training. Organizing time to read, to understand and solve the problems and case studies and answering the exam mock papers is the prerequisite  which can create the difference. Hence a planned study is a must.

Everyday a student must find minimum 4 hours per day to do the self- study. CA is a self -study vocational course and it requires to  optimize the time usage. The first year must be used to learn the different subjects related to work like Auditing, Financial reporting and Company law with much depth.

Students must use second year to learn such subjects which don’t   change much like Advanced Management Accounting, Information System Control Audit. In the third year the subjects like Direct Tax and Indirect Tax must be done where the amendments are happening frequently. Last six months must be devoted to write mock tests and do all amendments.

Hence systematic learning of 12000+ pages of ICAI study materials are required along with the practical training of  working under CA to gain the practical  experience. As you know time is the trump card in CA Final where the success rate is low, hence there is a need of a planner.

In India for the first time, CALS (www.calearning.in) has come with an educational course in CA Final which allows a student to do a planned learning. The embedded software allows a student to plan week by week his study plan. It allows him to see the relevant video of the different subject according to the weekly timetable. He/ She can work out by when the course will be finished. It also allows him to learn all the subjects of the group together. You pass or fail by the group, therefore there is a need of the structured learning through the software.

To know more – http://calearning.in


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