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Friday morning ,as I was browsing through The Economic Times I Came across the ET Panache Section. The front page story’s headline was catchy & difficult to miss ‘Laundry to London”, with pictures of ,a man in his late 30’s, a Mercedes & Mr Arun Lal was more than enough to make me dig deeper & find out what it was about. The story was about the biological son of a laundryman & how he was able to beat the odds & went on to graduate from IIM Kolkata.

He believes that he has two sets of parents, Mrs Lal & Mr. Arun Lal & the other being his biological parents. He has shown his gratitude to the former by gifting them a Mercedes & helping them buy a bungalow.

Mr. Bikash Chowdhury,associates VP of treasury at JSW Steel, a man from Kolkata was taken under the wings of Arun Lal & his wife Debjani has went on to achieve great things, which at 11,he would never have thought was possible. The impossible dream was made true by the hard working young man with motivation & help from the Lal’s, Mrs Lal’s orange squash & Bikash’s friends & seniors in the college among others.

Sports played a major role in developing a bond between Chowdhury & ‘Piggy” AKA Arun Lal Chowdhury was a midfielder for Young Bengal, a first division football club also played cricket at U16 level even though he was not very fond of it. He want to become a footballer but his mentor,”Piggy”, though encouraging,made him realize that there was no guarantee in sports & so he focused on studies after class 9.


Vijay Kapur – President & Dean of CA Learning

PS: The article in ET Panache is available on 





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