CA learning is a vocational course which has to be complemented with practical hands on experience for three years. A CA trainee should start learning practicalities from the beginning by way of practical training. This needs constant updates in law especially in the subjects of Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Company Law, Financial Reporting and Auditing. Hence, firstly: updates in the e-learning can play an important role.

Secondly , all of the students are not equal in terms of the learning abilities. Some are fast and some are slow learners. The physical classes and satellite based learning are not helping the students of different abilities to learn with ease. E-learning allows the students to revise and recall the CA course quickly.

Thirdly, the students don’t take their practical training holistically. In order to cover the coaching, they miss their valuable training which is the essence of CA course.  They come late in office and sometimes leave their offices early to reach these classes. They tend to avoid the outstation audit in the pretext of the coaching classes. What does all of this lead to eventually. They can’t become a holistic accountant.

Fourthly, there is always a need to assess which allows a person to check the progress  at the three tier  level. Assessment at the concept level through MCQs along with the net answers and their explanation is desirable. Chapter based questions and answers allow a person to understand their progress. Finally, two mid -term assessments at the half course level and one at the full course level allows a person to become geared to face the CA final exam with confidence.

Lastly, mentorship is required to keep the motivation of the students high as the success rate of the students in this examination is low. Exam related strategy, revision strategy , learning methodology and presentation skills in the examination are required to be known to the examinees.

Hence all the five features are desirable features which are required to make a student face CA exam with confidence. You can be a winner if you can face all the above challenges.  allows a student to get all the five solutions.

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