Comparision b/w MBA and CA

mba vs ca

A Chartered Accountant can add on his qualification. He/She may decide to do an MBA with a specialisation in finance. CA’s choose to do a MBA is because it allows them to attain the designation of a CEO and also empowers the individual to take a decision based on faith even when the numbers are against the decision.

The major reasons for pursuing MBA over CA are as follows:

  • Attain a high well paying post in multi nationals.
  • It gives the individual the zeal to take decisions even when numbers are not in favour of the decision.
  • MBA allows the individual to be much more exposed to various aspects of the business world whereas CA doesn’t.
  • It is difficult for a CA to shift into general management because of the narrow curriculum whereas a MBA course has a wider curriculum.
  • MBA instils better soft skills in the person rather than a CA degree.
  • Case based study make the learning more stimulating with a great experience.
  • There are more profiles which are available to MBAs over CAs as given below:

The profiles available are listed below:

·        MIS ·        Consolidation
·        Budgeting forecasting ·        Internal audit
·        Business planning ·        International accounting (GAAP)
·        Equity research ·        Transaction Advisory
·        Investment banking
·        Mergers& acquisitions
·        Fund Management
·        Portfolio management
·        Treasury
·        Sector Analysis


Contributed by Jyotsna Singh Arora (Finance Intern at CA Learning)

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