five skills -01

Every professional needs to under do skill upgrade on a continuous basis in a changing world. It requires quality learning and practical application.

Firstly, a professional must have knowledge update and hence he must read the latest development in the professional world. He must also attend the training by the experts including webcast on the regular basis.

Secondly, he must have an excellent communication abilities which includes both written and communication skills in a given skill area. This means he must have also have a commanding ability on the technology side of the communication as well. He must be able to seriously understand the requirement of the consumer or management. He must be able to deliver the business requirements also.

Thirdly, a professional must have leadership ability to improve the skills of the junior staff. He must drive the vision of the business and its stakeholders. He must develop a business strategy which is suitable in both short and long range of the business. He must operationalize the business objectives on a long term rolling basis plan.

Fourthly, interpersonal behavioural skill development is a hall mark of the business development and consumer satisfaction. It requires good communication, reciprocity and positive working attitude which fuels the business growth. Also there is always a scope of skill enhancement in human behaviour arena.

Fifthly, networking with the professionals with in the same skill set is highly desirable when globe is such a small place to function. Networking gives more business potential and growth opportunity and therefore a professional must be always be in a networking mode.

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