Why you should innovate in CA Exam preparation if you are a Repeater ?

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Historically it is proven that CA final exam has a low success rate pegged between ten to fifteen percent Every six months a student has to demonstrate his ability to pass CA final examination or else he falls in the repeater class. Hope none of the candidate wishes to be in the repeater list.

In order to be successful, you have to be innovative. This means that you have to change the learning methodology. You can’t read same material again and again. You have to also write each chapter in pen and paper. In fact your forty percent time must be devoted in to writing only on an everyday basis. It is mandatory because you don’t pass because of   reading skills   but because you develop a good writing and presentation skill.

Ultimately you have to appeal the examiner. Therefore, you have to solve  a minimum three model paper in each subject in the examination condition without fail and figure out the areas of improvement.

The basic innovation which is  required  is  the revision  and  writing skills. Revision can happen quickly when a student develop a decision tree approach in making a smart summary. A student must also summarize all formulae at one place. Skills of attempting case study must be properly learnt in all the legal papers whether it is company law, direct tax and indirect tax.

Innovation is the only way which can make you successful. You can pass the November 2015 . CALS-50 has the solution.

If you want to be part of the success story, you may register on cals50@calearning.in

To know more – CA Learning

Toll Free Number – 1800 120 0560


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