Life is a journey and one must feel the energy and determination flowing through him in order to achieve big goals. You must always dream. Anticipation combined with determination makes happen the best outcome. The horizon is wide and clear and blue and you are ready to fly.

Never let your mind trick in to giving up when the newness of an idea wears off. You must be clear, either you want to be completely enjoying your new dream or you don’t want to do it. You must train your mind to appreciate small accomplishments and to be satisfied with slower but steadier progress.

You have to be positive and motivated on a regular basis. Instead of constantly worrying about the future fears, set aside some time to envision a new life. Imagine  with all your senses the clear future life. All activities you do on everyday basis must take you closer to your dream. You must always dream big because this will fuel you to move further in the direction of your goal clearly and positively. Allow such excitement to motivate you  so that you are focused on your goal.

Never underestimate your potential. You have the best mind and body to perform the best. Be it CA examination which has low success rate. You can always clear  the exam if you have decided to put your best efforts. May be you are a repeater in CA exam but believe me with the heroic efforts, you can become a Messie in your field. Time is with you. Play your best game.

All the best.

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