Rejection is everywhere, sometimes from your own family too. This is the story of a man who  was an adopted son who dropped out from college  as he couldn’t see its worth in life. He started a company in car garage with his friend. Calligraphy learnt by him was later used by him in his career also. In ten year’s period, he created a billion dollar company with 4000 employees working across globe.

He was thrown out of board from the company which he co founded. In his journey, he got tons of rejections. Again the same company asked him to come back and head after certain years. Since 2005, he was considered as a legend. In his own words “I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and no idea how college was going to help me figure it out”

Towards his entire life, he was rejected but on long term basis these rejections created learning and business value. Yes he was STEVE JOBS who don’t need any introduction. A legend, a masterpiece who has created a place in the business world.

Likewise you may be facing rejections in CA examination. No worries. Improve your learning skills. Work on your improvement seriously and in a focus manner . Write more model paper in each subject. Ultimately you will succeed like Steve Jobs. If Steve wouldn’t have not tried to solve failures, he wouldn’t have been successful at a global level. Always think and act to improve your writing   and presentation skills and you will pass the CA exam with flying color. Have faith in your dream. You will succeed with glorious score.

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