In CA final examination, you must always have a revisionary tool. This revisionary tool will allow you to revisit your weakness areas so that it can be strengthened through revisionary cycle. Revision can be categorized in to three types.

First revisionary will cover allow a student to do the total concepts with example.  It will reinforce the conceptual framework. Second revision will include the practice questions along with the concepts and illustrations. It will strengthen the basic intellectual frame work. Third revisionary will be a summarized representation of the concepts through decision tree, diagram and mind maps. Constant revision is the only way which can be used for successfully qualifying the exam.

Above three methods of revision can be done in all the eight subjects of CA final. A student should classify the course in terms of most important, important and less important topic. These topics can be christened as A, B and C items. It can be decided by taking the latest two exams as basis of the decision. Revisionary time should be proportional to A, B and C mentioned above.

You must always think positively and stick to A and B items in the examination.  In the first stage of revision in terms of time allowed try to revise the entire course in four week time.  At the second level the aim is to cover one group a week. In the final third round a student should cover one subject a day and try to write the mock test at the exam hour in the exam condition.

Hope the above revisionary tool will help to decide the learning process quicker and effectively.


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