CA Final is such a dreaded examination where out of 100 students around 85 students on average basis has to repeat the examination every six month. You have to do the diagnostic test to understand where regular   mistakes is being committed. Find a mentor who can help you find such error.

Firstly, you can’t pass the exam by reading the same content material again and again. You must have an out of box approach. You must change the reading source in some subjects where your score is too low. You must select certain  subjects provided by the online classes.

Secondly, you must focus on the assessments. An assessment means writing skills  which are mandatory. It means around a third to half time must be devoted in to working for the  presentation skills.

You must keep on writing all the subjects with- out feeling that certain subjects are too good that its writing is postponed till last. You can’t pass the exam without developing the proper writing and presentation skills. Both theory and practical subjects demand equal attention because each subject carry 100 marks each.

Above are the basic factors which are neglected by the maximum students. You have questions of short notes category coming  in almost all the papers. Develop the art of writing the short notes type questions. You have almost case studies coming  in all the  five subjects. Make yourself capable so that through constant practice, you may write such case studies in the different subjects at ease and comfort.

You must be crystal clear of the areas of improvement sought by you. Please be very clear which  areas are required to be improved and it must be done in the first stage itself. Be clear with all the course update and amendments in the various subjects. This is the way for your success.

website – http://calearning.in

Toll Free Number – 1800 120 0560


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