Revisionary Activity for the repeaters in Advanced Management Accountancy subject of CA Final is required. My suggestion is that they should prepare eight weeks program which will work positively for them. There are three steps involved in the constructive use of the eight weeks. It can be said as 3:3:2(week) STRATEGY. It means that there must be time for revise, test and improve.

First part of three weeks may be devoted for completely revising the previously learnt concepts from the different sources used by you. Ideally, you should cover basic concepts, numerical covered in the ICAI materials both in the study material and practice manual.

You should specially cover questions on neo- management accounting concepts like kaizen costing, value chain analysis, just in time(JIT), activity based concept (ABC), balanced score card and Transfer Pricing. Decision making including standard costing and budgetary analysis are such area where around forty marks questions are asked.

Second part of the three weeks must be focused on   solving latest five   examination papers asked in the ICAI final examination. Here solving the questions in the examination condition between 2pm to 5 pm will allow you to find the best abilities. You should check well in advance your level of the preparation under the examination pressure. Ask a mentor to check and suggest the areas of improvement, so that you may focus your working in the suggested area.

Third part of the two weeks must be dedicated on the revision of the improvement areas along with the theory concepts asked in the examination. More time must be devoted in the writing aspect. You should refrain from reading and develop the writing skills. Presentation skills are required to be developed on a regular basis. You must write your best in the first hour. You must present your best. Hope you will follow same to get the success with flying colour in CA Final exam.


website – http://calearning.in

Toll Free Number – 1800 120 0560

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