Each CA Final examination is unique. The examiner focus is changing quite frequently. However the requirement always remains the same. ICAI always wants to find out whether the CA Final student has developed the expert knowledge in the various subjects. Now let us analyze same with reference to each subject in depth for CA Final Group 2. It is divided in to two parts.

Cost Accountancy covers 70 marks and Operation Research cover 30 marks.

In the subject Advanced Management Accountancy, the examiner always considers following eight items urgent and important which must be in the control of the examinees before they plan to write the November 2016 examination:

  • Whether the students know all the elements of CVP including multiple BEP correctly. Minimum one question is compulsorily asked in each exam covering 16 marks to 20 marks.
  • Business decisions like special order, export order, minimum and maximum order based on the scarcity of the resources are regularly tested areas in the ICAI examination. Recent trend suggests that roughly 30 marks minimum question appears in each examination.
  • Examiner also looks forward how does a student analyzes  business decision making questions specially make/buy/subcontract questions correctly? In   the machine replacement questions capital budgeting decisions are checked.
  • Standard costing is an area where missing variance type questions or the operating statement type numerical are usually asked. Analysis of the variance must be conceptually clear. In last five exams, it has appeared for four time. Usually it is a 8 marks to 16 marks area.
  • New emerging business concepts of target costing, kaizen costing and activity based costing are now appearing as 16 marks to 25 marks questions in each examination. Even numerical is being asked on repeat basis regularly. ABC costing is the favourite area for the examiner.
  • Operation research covers 30 marks. Questions on LPP covering the equation framing and simplex is always asked in the exam. Every alternate exam, a question on assignment and transportation always appears.
  • Other important topics which are repeated is Simplex and Learning curve. You should do same from the last ten ICAI examination papers which are sufficient.
  • Finally, you must have grip on the various theoretical topics which are repeating. You should always cover last ten exam theory questions. Make a mind map or summary and keep on writing them again and again.


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