Indian CA final examination is among the world’s toughest examination.  It has eight subjects which are covered in 13000+ pages through its study material and practice manual. If you analyze all the last ten examination, you can find that there is a definite the pattern. This can be dealt below.

Firstly , there are case studies  and  case laws which are asked for 25 to 35 marks in almost each subject. In some subjects like direct tax and indirect tax , the marks coverage has gone up to 60 to 65 marks in some of the exams. Hence it is desirable for both the first timer and repeater to understand that the case study and case law writing skills   must be learnt properly and effectively because it consists of a minimum 40% marks.

Secondly, the last question in the CA final exam is a question on the short notes covering 16 marks. A student has to write  four short notes out of five short notes. Each question carry four marks each.  A CA examinee must be capable to put all the required aspect   of the short notes. Hence he must try to cover the total course from a bird’s eye view. He must  do mock writing   and sample test in each subject for the short notes category.

Thirdly, concept based tricky and sometimes lengthy numerical appear in the CA final examination. There  are long comprehensive questions covering two to three pages. Accuracy , Presentation and Speed of making the solution is checked by the examiner. A student must practice in exam type simulated condition and check his progress on a constant basis.

Fourthly, direct theoretical questions are asked in the examination which can cover the questions of the various types. It can be definition question, distinguish type question , discuss type questions and comment type questions. A student must be capable to analyze the scenario of each kind and come out appropriate solutions accordingly.

In the ultimate analysis, you must understand very clearly that you are a master of your own destiny. Become a Messie and take charge of your career.

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