ICAI examination is considered to be one of the toughest   examination. An examinee is  required to be well prepared on the understanding of the subject contents, prevailing exam pattern, amendments in the dynamic changing  subjects and writing guideline in the exam stress environment. Let’s discuss all of them so that the examinee can deliver the best results.

Firstly, a student must be well conversant with the entire course and they must have prepared the chapter summary well in advance. He must be required to sure of all the important topics which are repeatedly asked in the examination.

Secondly, the examination pattern needs close introspection. There is a requirement to analyze  last five latest exams which gives the pattern of the examination system. The topics which needs close attention   due to the constant repeat   needs perfection.

Thirdly, there are certain subjects like direct and indirect taxes which changes every year due to change in the Finance Act. Company law is changing also due to new law coming in the scenario. Also partial addition has been happening in the IT subject called ISCA and Auditing.  Financial reporting has an impact due to changes in Accounting standard through IND AS. A student has to be update on these aspects clearly. He must do Revisionary Test Paper.

Fourthly, Writing guidelines in the exam stress condition is very much relevant. You must be prepared totally both mentally and physically before the battle. You must mentally plan a method which will allow you to score forty marks in the first hour. This must be totally clear.

Fifthly, a student must write the mock test series in the examination condition and get it evaluated by the mentor who knows the subject in depth. Writing your exam at standard condition between 2pm to 5pm will allow a person to evaluate the learning progress before facing the real exam.

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