CA is an exam which seeks constant practice and learning for the examinee from both practical side of the business and the conceptual learning. There is a need to constantly upgrade on the changes including the amendments. Every exam of a CA is like a football match where you must go equipped totally both through practice of the course and mental zeal.

CA Final examination  require mental preparation. There must be a clear strategy. The examinee must know, how he will deliver in the examination well before the exam. The visual imagination of the first hour must be very clear . Specifically in the first hour, he must know a way to score maximum marks. This requires a planning in advance which creates a way in which he can tell the evaluator the way in which he can secure forty marks in the first hour.

Always think that each mark counts. Hence one must decide whether to start from the compulsory question or short notes question which appears at the end. Never be in haste. Understand the requirement of the question .Plan well before you start. You must feel that your marks are in the proportional to the time available.

You must believe clearly that you can always clear the exam. Don’t get moved by the peer pressure and always feel confident in your own potential. Remember always that you can be a success. Never give up the hope . Always challenge your abilities. Raise the bar. The only limits on your life are the one you set it for yourself. When you dare to go out of your circle  of comfort and explore the better options in life, the nature  helps you to achieve your goals.

So the net summary is that if you want to excel, you must work like a Messie. Choice is yours as life is yours. You must move in the direction of your dream as you know that history belongs to the dreamers who are consistently working towards their goals.


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