CA is an ever growing career which positively affects the society. You learn a lot in the three years of the training as an article in the different areas of professional expertise.  Remember always with the changes coming in the profession quickly in the Company Law, GST , IND-AS, there are numerous opportunities which are coming before the profession. Even the expectation of society from the CA profession has enhanced.

If we talk of Auditing , sunrise  sectors  of the forensic audit has come in to the picture. In the field of Information system auditing   ERP auditing, MIS compliance in reference to banking with reference to Basel 2 is now being implemented. IT Act has thrown lots of business opportunities also.

In the case of transitioning of financial reporting in India, Government of India is going to make IND- AS mandatory.  Hence it is expected that the professionals will get equipped with this knowledge properly.

The Company law is also going a change. Formats of compliances and legal provision between Company Law 1956 and Company Law 2013 is going through lots of changes which require lots of comparative study by the professionals. The industry is also watching close cooperation in this regard.

Emergence of Goods and Services Tax  popularly called as GST will bolster the Indian economy under 0%,5%,12%, 18% and 28% scheme of taxation which is being finalized by GST council. Hopefully it will be implemented in April 1, 2017.

At the overseas, CA are hot in demand. Almost major advanced countries consider this qualification valid. A few papers need to be cleared to gain entry in to these country’s qualification. The popular courses are CPA(USA), CPA ( Australia) and CIGA. In Gulf and Africa the Indian CA are considered as a valuable resources.

Hence CA profession is ever growing in its scope. It is required that CA should equip their knowledge diligently. Currently there are 260,000 CAs. Around 11,00,000 + students are enrolled at the various stages of the ICAI structure.

Also ICAI course is also going for change very soon on the International curriculum.  This will make ICAI profession well recognized in the perspective of the professional needs, industry and businessed.


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