Download Question Paper of ADVANCED AUDITING & PROFESSIONAL ETHICS – CA FINAL November 2016 Exam – click here


After the tedious exam of CA Final ‘Strategic Financial Management’, Low percentage of students appeared for the audit exam i.e. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics of November attempt which was held on 5th of November 2016.

As we all know that the audit exam is considered as one of the toughest exams of CA-final because the exam contains lots of case studies on accounting standards which most of the students find difficult to crack. Also, there is strict marking in the audit exam. The trend of marking of questions was same as followed from the past years i.e. First question is mandatory and students have to do only 5 questions out of the rest 6 questions.

There are some important chapters of subject on which the complete exam depends viz. Standards on Auditing, Company Audit, Professional Ethics, Cost Audit, Internal Audit etc. But if we see the question paper of this attempt, it seems that there were various direct and indirect questions asked from the rest of the chapters, viz. Special Audit Assignments, Audit of Co-operative Societies, Report to Registrar, which all teachers and students considered less important as compared to above important chapters. This also seems quite disappointment for the students.

If we compare this attempt exam with the May2016 attempt exam of Audit, then we can notice that less case studies were asked in this exam while a lot of case studies were asked in May 2016 exam. Also less questions on Accounting Standards were asked this time as compared to May attempt exam.

From the student’s point of view, we can say that the AAPE exam was quite easy but unexpected.

I wish all the students a lot of ‘best wishes’ who have positively or confidently attempted the exam.

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