CA is the most cost effective course


CA is one of the cost effective vocational course in India. It costs almost Rs.45000/- as per the cost details provided by the ICAI. Registration fees in CPT which is the entrance course  is Rs.6000/-. In IPCC which is an intermediate course the cost of registration for both the groups is Rs. 9000/-.  In CA a student articled training registration with ICAI costs Rs.2000/-. Similarly a student has to shell out Rs.10000 towards the registration of Final registration.

The student has to also undergo a practical training in ICAI for Information Technology of 100 hours which costs Rs.4000/-. Further a student has to undergo an orientation program of 35 hours costing Rs.3000/-. In order to improve further communication ability among the students, ICAI has embarked two General Management Communication Skills (GMCS) costing Rs. 5500/- each. Hence in the entire CA journey, a student has to incur around Rs. 45000/- without incurring any tuition cost.

A student has an option to earn the stipend in three different possibilities:

  • During the article ship training a student who belongs to city having a population of twenty five lakhs will earn Rs.24000 in the first year, Rs. 30000 in the second year and Rs. 36000 in the third year of training. Hence as per ICAI rules, a student gets a stipend of Rs.90000 in the three years. Hence it is a win win situation for the student because financially it is a good option.
  • In cities with a population of four lakhs and above but less than twenty lakhs, an article trainee earns Rs. 18000 in the first year, Rs.24000 in the second year and Rs. 30000 in the third year which totally amounts to Rs. 72000 in the three year span.

(c )In smaller cities with a population less than 4 lakhs, a student is entitled Rs.18000 pa in the first and second year respectively while Rs.24000 in the third year which totally amounts to Rs.60000 in the three years cycle.

Hence in either of the three options, the student covers the cost of his training in the entire three years. This shows that unlike other careers CA is the most cost effective course in India.

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