CA FINAL examination requires more writing skills and examination related practice through attempt of simulated exam paper in each subject. This exercise is more important to a CA repeater student than seeing video or attending classes.  When I make this statement there is a reason behind same.  CA examination has given its results ranging from 5% to 15% on an average basis. ICAI examiner comments reveal clearly that the examiner has expressed that the students fails because of certain specific reason:

  • Firstly, Time Planning is poor among the examinee while attempting the exam questions because they don’t understand questions properly. Hence the students are advised to read the exam question and understand it first and decide the writing steps. For example the answers   of explain, write short notes and discuss will always differ. You can’t expect same content to be written in all of these situations.
  • Secondly, using first hour successfully is critical for success. Hence the choice of question  and its writing properly with neatness as required for the effective communication is desirable element. You must know which questions are required to be picked first in exam hall.
  • Thirdly, use of case laws, sections and formulas at the right place with proper explanation is relevant. Correct quotation of section is must. Question of law and Question of fact must be written properly and then the judgement must be given properly and correctly. Correct quotation of formulas and properly mentioning the elements of formulas is mandatory for success.
  • Fourthly, effective time management on planning the exam preparation is required.

Remember all subjects are   equally important. Hence we must devote equal time to all the subjects and never ignore any subject because you have to pass in each subject. Direct Tax may be important but remember also that Information System Control and Audit can’t be studied in the last. There are two possible way of learning while preparing a group. You can read all the subjects on every day   by dividing equal time to all subjects.

  • Fifthly and finally the level of confidence and mental strength during the exam preparation is mandatory for the success in CA Finals. Think that you have already achieved success. Mentally imagine your life after you get such success. You must have energy and zeal to achieve your dream. Never procrastinate. Always find a mentor who can motivate you to achieve your goals

You must focus on all the above five points so that you can achieve success in your CA final exam and in your life.

Fortunately  has come up with a complete holistic solution where it is giving all the above mentioned requirements dealt above.  It will be delivering answer key solutions to November 2016, CA Final exam paper solutions, the details of which are available on the face book page and website.   You can avail an opportunity to check your answer, if you have written the November 2016 exam or you aspire to write CA Final exam for 2017.

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