According to Forbes 2013 list, A Chartered Accountant is amongst top 10 jobs of the world.  The examination system is tough and challenging which are held twice a year.

CA performs traditionally the following ten tasks:

  • Handling accounts, preparing and analyzing  financial statements.
  • Auditing financial statements.
  • Advising clients on direct tax planning & tax related issues for entities
  • Investigation of the financial position,
  • Internal Audit, External audit and internal control of the business
  • Managing financial systems and budgets both short term and long-term
  • Company law related compliances
  • Project management
  • Indirect tax planning like custom, excise and service tax.
  • Monitor funds constantly to avoid frauds.

There are following career opportunities for a CA on broad classification   :

  • Set up and independent professional practice
  • Join a practicing firm of CA
  • Render a service in the field of capital market
  • Engage in own business venture
  • Be a consultant for custom, excise, service tax, direct tax, company law
  • Take up suitable position in industry as CFO, finance manager
  • Be an advisor for business of non profit
  • Go in the newer areas like Forensic Audit, Cyber law
  • Emerging areas like Abroad based career (ACCA, CPA, CGAetc)
  • Venture in to IND-As and GST which becomes operational in 2017 .
  • Interpretation of various judicial issues arising from the judgement of High Court and Supreme Court.

Around 2.65 lakhs CA are there in jobs or in the practice in 2016.  Life as a CA is full of challenges and satisfying to those who work   with full focus to meet the needs of the society and country.

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