Every person whether a student or a professional should try to improve himself /herself on a continuous basis. He/ She should constantly work and explore the inner capabilities on a regular basis. This will help him to pass CA Final examination successfully.

The first question which he should always ask himself what are the three things, I want to achieve and why they are important to me in the order of importance. In fact, on a free day one should jot down these questions and their answers with clarity on a piece of paper at a calm place. This is an exercise where one must be honest with himself. He must think why success in CA is useful for him as a person and as a professional.

Secondly, the concerned person must identify the first, small steps required to achieve same in a systematic and consistent manner. This means atomic level clarity is required in terms of planning and action. It can be related to the way in which preparation for CA exam will be done. A student has to be very proactive in the approach towards clearing the examination.

Thirdly, in order to grow and be successful, he must be an avid learner. He must be innovative and think out of box approach. Perhaps, he must learn from peers, seniors and various learning authorities. As CA is a vocational course, he must read relevant course materials and practice them.

Fourthly, he must practice and practice as many as sample papers in each subject whether a theory subject and a practical subject possible under exam like simulated conditions. The only key in passing CA Final exam is proper time management and skillful writing.

Fifthly, he must always be a positive person who must have an ability to work consistently on a regular basis. He must never postpone things including official works and practice to the exam.

Sixthly, he must always be willing to sharpen his knowledge on the updates in the professional field in the academic part of knowledge. He should have a cheerful personality. He must try to solve the business problem of the clients on a regular basis.

This blog is contributed by CA Learning’s Faculty┬áCA Vikas Kumar (Advanced Management Accounting)