About us

Leveraging the power of e-Learning without regular internet

We are determined to bring the benefits of e-Learning education to the students and set a new benchmark in educational content and delivery. By breaking the barriers of learning, our effort is to create value and take knowledge directly to students, without them having to spend much time and effort in running from pillar to post.
CALS strives to achieve sustainable growth that is driven by the success of our students who are targeting the Chartered Accountancy examinations. Our vision is based on our firm belief that every student is unique and deserves a high-quality education that is delivered in a modern format that is easy to use.

What makes us different?

A number of factors have helped CALS to carve a niche for itself in the area of e-Learning education. Following are some of the key differentiation: –

Faculty: Our best-in-class faculty is highly recognised for its contribution to academics and research. To know Our experienced faculty is recognised for its contribution to academics and research.

Technology: At CALS, we use technology as an enabler for enriching learning methodology and making students more inclined to develop their knowledge by interacting with the faculty over a virtual platform.

Learning Methodology: Our unique learning methodology is student-centric and easy to use. It offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace through a customized Time Planner. Click here to know more

Value for Money: CALS program comes at a fraction of the cost of a physical class, without having to spend time, money and effort in commuting. Moreover, the payment system is designed to ease cost pressures on the students. Click here to know more about the Course Fee and Methods of Payments.

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