CALS Case Study 01. – Direct Tax Laws

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Is it permissible under section 147 to reopen the assessment of the assessee on the ground that income has escaped assessment, after a change of opinion as to a loss being a speculative loss and not a normal business loss, consequent to a mere re-look of accounts which were earlier furnished by the assessee during assessment under section 143(3)?

ACIT v. ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Ltd. (2012) 348 ITR 299 (SC)

Facts of the case : In the above case, the Assessing Officer had completed the assessment of assessee under section 143(3) after taking into consideration the accounts furnished by assessee. After the lapse of four years from relevant assessment year, the Assessing Officer had reopened the assessment of assessee under section 147 on the ground that after re-look of the accounts of the relevant previous year, it was noticed that the assessee company had incurred a loss in trading in share, which was a speculative one. Therefore, such loss can only be set off against speculative income. Consequently, the loss represents income which has escaped assessment. Accordingly, the Assessing Officer came to a conclusion that income had escaped assessment and passed an order under section 147.