List of Accounting Standards

Accounting Standards
AS-01     Disclosure of Accounting Policies (Accounting Policy)
AS-02    Valuation of Inventories (Inventory)
AS-03    Cash Flow Statements (CFS)
AS-04    Contingencies and Events occurring after the balance sheet date (Events)
AS-05    Net profit or Loss for the Period, Prior-Period Items, & Changes in Accounting
Policies (PPI)

AS-06    Depreciation Accounting (Depreciation)
AS-07    Construction Contracts (Construction)
AS-08    Research & Development (Withdrawn)
AS-09    Revenue Recognition (Revenue)
AS-10    Accounting for Fixed Assets (Fixed Assets)
AS-11    The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates (Forex)
AS-12    Accounting for Fixed Assets (Fixed Assets)
AS-13    Accounting for Investments (Investment)
AS-14    Accounting for Amalgamations (Amalgamation)
AS-15    Employees Benefits (Employee)
AS-16    Borrowing Costs (Loan)
AS-17    Segment Reporting (Segment)
AS-18    Related party Disclosures (Related party)
AS-19    Leases (Leases)
AS-20    Earnings per Share (EPS)
AS-21    Consolidated Financial Statements
AS-22    Taxes on Income (DTA)
AS-23    Accounting for Investments in Associations in Consolidated Financial Statement

AS-24    Discontinuing Operations (DCO)
AS-25    Interim Financial Reporting (IFR)
AS-26    Intangible Assets (Intangible)
AS-27    Financial Reporting of Interest of Joint Ventures (Joint Venture)
AS-28    Impairment of Assets (Impairment)
AS-29    Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets (Contingency)
AS-30    Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurements (FI:Recognition)
AS-31    Financial Instruments: presentation (FI:Presentation)
AS-32    Financial Instruments: Disclosures (FI:Disclosures)