You can only pass in CA examination when you develop proper writing skills and an effective presentation under ICAI exam condition. This does not mean that you should not study video  or attend classes. You have to complement the learning with the assessment.

ICAI exam is based on accuracy and speed. The lengthy paper which requires to be done in three hours can only be attempted correctly when a student develop writing skills under an examination condition.

A student has to work like an athlete who is working for an Olympic. Like an athlete, he must endeavour constant practice by the way of  developing writing skills. Remember always there is always scope of improvement in a game. Likewise writing skill and an effective presentation allows you to develop the skill to clear the CA exam.

Besides, numerical in the course, one should write the theoretical questions in the practice session. Both theory and practical subjects are equally important. One should know whether he is making correct working notes to the numerical.

Also he must realize that same answer can’t be given for the short notes and elaborate type questions. The method of writing is not same for discuss type question and elaborate type questions.

Hence it is advisable to work on the writing skills. The writing skill pays in the real examination. It is very useful to start working on the writing skills in the beginning.


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