Messie is a living example of patience, perseverance and passion. Tapping of the hidden potential can bring tremendous self confidence in you. Don’t limit your challenges, instead challenge your limitations.

Change your attitude and come out with the solutions. If you learn to face any adverse situation in life believe me you will find more opportunities in life than present times. Handle any challenge with the inner energy  rather than moved by the external forces. Always remember, there is no problem  which cannot be solved.

Stress does not lie in the situation but in the way we deal with it.  All the achievable is awaiting outside the comfort zone and inside the effort zone. You can get your goal by sheer hard work, zeal  and determination.  Many people have failed when they were very close to their goals because they gave up their determined efforts at their end.

If you read the autobiography of Messie, you will note that all the above descriptions hold absolutely true in his case. You can be a Messie. You can change your destiny. History of world is about a few people who moved in the direction of their dream alone and later people followed because he became successful. You must be innovate, creative, offer  the true opinion and try to remain focused then you will become a Messie one day. Always believe on your potentiality. Look inwards. You have so much capability  which you have not explored till now.

Remember  always CA examination is only a test of your inner strength, determination and passion. You can clear your exam and become a successful professional, if you can regularly plan, prepare and work methodically   with full zeal. You can become a true holistic accountant and slowly become a Messie in your field. Time has come and you must prove that you can succeed and become a CA by passing the exam successfully. World always praise the winner.

Be a winner.

Become a Messie.

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